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At FullNet, We Speak Technology!

We translate the technical language for our clients and deliver quantifiable cost reductions while maintaining a secure, stable, and  We are fast-growing, upscale technology firm. We are the One Stop Solution for all your technology concerns, issues, and pain points.

About FullNet

We are a full-service technology solutions firm that delivers industry-leading IT solutions, services, and support. Our mission is to make it simpler for companies of all sizes to gain access to the right IT expertise needed to manage the digital systems that drive today’s business operations.

Our team of experienced technicians and consultants are experts in their fields and understand how to help you get the most out of your technology investments. Whether you are connecting with us for an IT solution, partnering with us for project-based IT support, or requiring ongoing system maintenance, we are committed to your success.

Our Services

Our Solutions

We deliver a wide variety of technology solutions, managed services, and consulting services for small-mid-sized operations. Our clients include K-12, University, municipalities, and public utilities.

Managed IT Services

  • Lowering of operational costs

  • Direct and quick access to IT experts

  • Updated Software

  • Protection of Hardware

  • Elevated level of security

Network Solutions

Your network is the “pathway” of your business, and we are the “Traffic Controllers.” We handle all communication between all devices. No matter how many nodes you have, we will ensure they communicate properly with all other devices.

  • Business Applications Management

  • Data Backup

  • Endpoint and Network Security

  • Firewall Administration

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Network and Server Administration

  • Network and Server Monitoring

  • Productivity Application Management

  • Vendor Management

Support Consulting

Never hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you may have. We give you answers to all your technical questions. Whether it is updating software, purchasing new software, changing hardware, relocating devices within your company, or adding more nodes on your network, we are here to help.

  • VCIO

  • Security Audit Framework Design

  • Project Management

  • FOIA requests

Disaster Recovery

Power outages, Bad storms, or simple Operator Errors, we are here to help. Once a part of the FullNet family, we create specific instructions and tools to quick DIY troubleshooting and immediately if that does not work, we are 24hrs away!

  • Business Continuity and Plans

  • Policies and Strategies

  • Risk Management

  • Validation and Testing

Cloud Solutions

In a world where everything is digital, and servers are slowly becoming obsolete, we want to provide both traditional and generation z capabilities. If you need cloud monitoring services, we are here to help. With our cloud solutions, we deliver a variety of services.

  • Real Time Monitoring

  •  Large Data Storage

  •  Direct Active User Management

Ready to find out more?

We’re excited to help! Contact us at

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